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Here’s some of the glorious benefits of partnering with Vallkree:

1. Access to Proven Designs: As a licensee, you will gain access to our portfolio of successful electric bike designs. These designs have undergone rigorous testing and refinement, ensuring a superior riding experience.

2. Brand Recognition: Once you’re on board with Vallkree, you’ll benefit from our strong brand reputation and customer trust. Our brand is synonymous with quality, reliability, and innovation, providing a competitive edge in the marketplace. Even Kelly Slater and Jason Momoa trust our brand!

3. Technical Support: We provide comprehensive technical support, including guidance on assembly, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Our team of experts will be readily available to assist you, ensuring a smooth integration of our products into your new business that suits your lifestyle! Better still, we are soon to launch our nationwide authorised service centres, so you can focus on sales!

4. Marketing Assistance: We understand the importance of effective marketing strategies. Therefore, we offer marketing materials, co-branding opportunities, and guidance to help you promote your licensed Vallkree electric bike business effectively and with maximum impact!   

5. Competitive Pricing: As a licensee, you enjoy competitive pricing structures, enabling you to maximise your profit margins while offering your customers a quality, luxury product which is exceptional value for money.

6. Claim your business territory: You’ll have a ready made income stream from day one, with all online sales in your exclusive territory being attributed to your business!  

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) for our Licensees

Vallkree Electric Bikes is an Australian e-bike company based in Byron Bay, known for its high-quality and vintage-styled electric bicycles. As a licensee, you have the opportunity to leverage the Vallkree brand, products, and business model to establish your own electric bike business. This partnership allows you to tap into a successful and established network, benefiting from our expertise, support, and reputation.

As a licensee, you can expect comprehensive support from Vallkree Electric Bikes. This includes initial training, ongoing guidance, and access to our established network of partners. We will provide assistance in areas such as marketing, product knowledge, sales techniques, and after-sales support to help you succeed.

Vallkree Electric Bikes prefers licensees to focus primarily on the Vallkree brand and product line to maintain brand consistency and to maximise the benefits of the network. However, we may consider additional arrangements on a case-by-case basis, depending on market demand and other factors.

Yes, there is a monthly administration fee which keeps your licence in active and in good standing, this fee provides you ongoing access to our operating system, latest designs, marketing collateral and much more. The specific details will be outlined in the Licence Agreement.

The duration of the licensing agreement is five (5) years. The Licence Agreement outlines this duration, renewal options and all other terms and conditions.

Vallkree Electric Bikes licenses are typically location-based, meaning you will have a designated area or territory where you can operate. This helps ensure that licensees have exclusive rights within their designated area and minimises competition within the network.

The specific requirements for showroom space or physical presence may vary depending on your designated territory. We recommend at showroom space of approximately 60sqm to hold stock and to provide a sales space. Vallkree Electric Bikes will work with you to determine the optimal setup based on market demand and your capacity.

Yes, as a Vallkree Electric Bikes licensee, you will have the opportunity to offer servicing and repairs for their electric bikes. Vallkree Electric Bikes will provide training and support to ensure you have the necessary knowledge and skills to provide high-quality after-sales service to your customers. However, right now we are setting up a nationwide network of authorised service centres, so you can focus on sales!

Absolutely! As a Licensee you are in fact an independent business and you can take care of all your own marketing if you wish. Vallkree Electric Bikes encourages licensees to actively participate in their own marketing and promotional activities. However, we are happy to get involved in some joint marketing campaigns, social media collaborations, and other initiatives to increase brand visibility and drive sales if you wish. To save you time and money, we offer access to our extensive marketing collateral that has driven our success in the market.

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